The Stop Smoking Swear Box

By Xander Wojewodzki

There are many individuals who are looking to quit smoking. This article offers free useful information on the easiest method to eliminate the habit of smoking those cancer sticks completely. I hope you will enjoy reading through.

Back when I was a teenager I can clearly remember one of my teachers introducing us a swear box at school. The principle, which I know you are aware of, is very straightforward. If you swear, you have to put some money in the box. At first people think it is quite amusing and thought the idea was a bit of a joke. After having to put a lot of money into this box in the first couple of days of the project, I soon realize that it would be a lot cheaper if I could learn how to control my tongue. Such a straightforward idea had a huge effect at school and at the same time taught us a significant lesson.

There are a number of reasons as to why people ought to stop smoking. Undoubtedly the most important thing is health, however most people have this strange mentality to their own health even after hearing many people dying from cancer related diseases. They feel that it's not going to happen to them or that by the time they get old, a remedy may have been discovered. They make such statements as; I could die in a car crash the next day anyway.

Over the last number of years we have seen regular government advertising campaigns to convince people to quit smoking. These are becoming more and more shocking and hard hitting, however people still do not listen.

What many people do seem to worry about, probably too much in my opinion is money. Regardless of the ever rising tax increases on cigarettes, people still purchase them. My idea is to keep an eye on the quantity of cigarettes you smoke every week in addition to how much it costs you to purchase them. Then multiply the figure by fifty-two and that will be the amount you spend on cigarettes yearly. How pleased will you be if your employer offered a raise of that amount? This is the reality as that's the increase in available money you'd have every year. Just consider what you can buy with that money.

So we've come to the conclusion to finally quit smoking cigarettes permanently. It will not be simple though. You'll have to fight the demons in your head, who will be seeking to get you to have just one more. Going back to the swear box principle from before, it may be just as successful in a quit smoking program. Odds are that you will surrender to temptation and every time you smoke one cigarette you put the equivalent price of one whole pack in the swear box as a way of punishment. The proceeds in the box will be given to a charitable institution of your choice. If you keep on giving in to the demons in your head, it will soon hit you hard in the pockets and hopefully then convince you to finally stop smoking.

I wish you every success in your journey to stopping smoking.

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