25 Secrets of Endless Love

1. We remember the moments in life, not the days.

2. Face-to-face conversations don't work by phone.

3. Gifts are not a substitute for caring.

4. People are not yo-yos. Drop them, and they may
not return.

5. When kids are ready to talk, be ready to listen.

6. An ounce of love outweighs a pound of promises.

7. You can prepare your children for life, but you can't
live it for them.

8. Uncles and aunts are the parents who didn't give
birth to you.

9. A strong marriage is the union of two staunch

10. Turning your back and walking away ends more
than just a conversation.

11. Marrying for money is a high price to pay.

12. Yell at your children and get the same in return.

13. If you take things for granted, you won't have them
for very long.

14. Caring should be demonstrated 365 days a year,
not just on holidays.

15. A well-fed child can still be starved for affection.

16. The most important things a child can inherit are
fond memories.

17. Sharing an hour of memories with an elder is often
better than a week's worth of medicine.

18. The two greatest time savers are saying, "I don't
know" and "I was wrong."

19. Watch your children grow, and they will teach you
what you've taught them.

20. Never go to bed before settling an argument.

21. There's a difference between nurturing your
children and smothering them.

22. Relationships are built on the little things.

23. If we give our children everything, we deprive them
of aspirations.

24. Celebrate holidays as a family.

25. Never stop courting your spouse.

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