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Pray for President Elect Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, Vice President Elect Joe Biden and Jill Biden, as they now step up to serve our nation, taking leadership at a crucial moment in our national life. As the two men take the oath of office, pray that the Spirit of God will be there, reminding them of His indwelling power and grace for every situation.

Pray for the National Prayer Service that will be held on Wednesday, January 21 in the National Cathedral, asking that God will be honored and glorified and that Americans will commit to pray faithfully for President Elect Obama and his administration.

Pray for confirmation hearings taking place on Capitol Hill, asking God to guide each subcommittee charged with this great responsibility into His wisdom and insight. Pray for each cabinet appointee as they make rounds of members of Congress seeking to build strong relationships that will serve our nation.

Pray for members of our military, serving faithfully in difficult situations and conditions, asking God to protect and safeguard every one. Pray for the 5,000+ troops who will work to keep our nation’s capital safe throughout next week’s Inauguration festivities, giving thanks for their great sacrifice and dedication.


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